Latest Paintings

Portraits of Max and Lara

Latest Portraits (click to see larger image)

Here are my two latest paintings, a portrait of Max completed in December 2011, and a portrait of Lara completed this week.

The first has high detail, using the full range of pastels in the armoury, whereas the portrait of Lara is more painterly, using only the ‘big sticks’, i.e. soft pastels (leaving the conté pastels and the pastel pencils in their boxes).

The two paintings have set my course for 2012, in which I will fluctuate between high realism and painterliness. In fact, I think the Lara portrait might be described as ‘painterly realism’, although I have deviated a little from ‘real’ colour and tonal values to achieve the moody chiaroscuro effect.

About markpickles

Scientific Technical Writer, Artist: In spare time fighting antisemitism, and writing book that synthesises monotheistic, philosophical & scientific worldviews.
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1 Response to Latest Paintings

  1. Catherine says:

    Fantastic pictures Mark of Max and Lara.

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