Another experiment with ‘painterly realism’

Herring - Pastel 50cm x 40cm (click to view a larger image)

I worked rapidly on this painting – in fact the fish was still fresh enough to gut and bake after I’d painted sufficient information from these two herring.

I find wet fish at once beautiful and disturbing ! 

It’s back to high realism next week – a corporate commission which I look forward to posting here on completion.

About markpickles

Scientific Technical Writer, Artist: In spare time fighting antisemitism, and writing book that synthesises monotheistic, philosophical & scientific worldviews.
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2 Responses to Another experiment with ‘painterly realism’

  1. Pamela Poole says:

    Your thoughts on wet fish being beautiful yet still disturbing is like deja-vu for me–my sentiments exactly! They are fascinating, yet I want to avoid them unless they are cooked on my plate, where I love them. All this aside, this painting is terrific!

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