An ambitious conservative artist

“Ambitious conservative artist” is a non sequitur some might say, and that ambitious artists should be radical and challenge the establishment. But in fact the ‘establishment’ has for a long time taught, encouraged, promoted and subsidised ostensibly radical art.

It’s almost impossible in most British towns and cities to find a publicly-owned gallery that exhibits representational painting and sculpture by contemporary artists: the type of artworks that most of us want to see. Instead we get ugly and spurious art forced upon us, so-called installation art and ready-mades, and what is worse, as tax payers we have to pay for it.

I find nearly all ‘modern’ art meaningless, unbeautiful and boring, hence I rarely visit public-gallery exhibitions, and I think I’m in the majority.

And so what do we do? Keep pecking away at the art establishment; our time will come. Paradoxically we conservatives are now the true radicals !


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4 Responses to An ambitious conservative artist

  1. PictureS says:

    You are so right.

  2. Pamela Poole says:

    Great post, Mark! I read another blog today about how the mysterious powerful people who determine what art “is” really need to get off the beaten path around NYC and other centers of their universe and take a look at what real people are looking for. I’m beginning to hear rumblings that lead me to hope for a much-needed and long-awaited change on the horizon.

  3. Pamela Poole says:

    Mark, I posted the link for this blog post on my facebook fan page, Pamela Poole Fine Art, so maybe you will get some increased traffic.

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