Painting of the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant – 3 June 2012

Thames Pageant - Royal Flotilla Enters the City of London

Following a bit of a creative hiatus I’ve now completed what I think is my best painting since I launched myself in the art business nearly a year ago.
I think my two City-of-London paintings would make a great pair of prints for commercial premises. At a metre across (unframed) they’re probably too large for most homes, although maybe I will get them published in an optional smaller format.

Full details of the painting can be seen on my web site: Thames Pageant Painting

I am becoming more and more interested in our capital city, and it will be the target for further paintings I’m sure.  However I haven’t forgotten my Yorkshire roots and I’m planning to paint the capital of Brittianica Inferior, York or Eboracum, also a fascinating city which at one time competed for power with London, and was even for a time the seat of power of the Roman Empire.

City of London Paintings


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One Response to Painting of the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant – 3 June 2012

  1. Mark Hi
    As one of the organisers of the flotilla and now Events Manager of ‘Gloriana’ I was doing a little on line research for an article and found your painting – a splendid representation of the culmination of 3 years work for me and the Thames Alive team. Do you do copies of the original? Please do get in touch – email below.
    Thank you, Malcolm

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