The Gut Feeling of UK Women on Fracking

The Science, the Politics,  and the Oil-and-Gas Propaganda

“Women don’t understand fracking”, reported scientist Professor Averil Macdonald recently in the national press.

Professor Macdonald is an emeritus professor of the communication of science, recently appointed as Chairwoman of  UK Onshore Oil and Gas, with a stated goal to encourage British women to approve of fracking in the UK.  (Surveys suggest that less than a third of British women approve of shale gas exploration, whereas the majority of British men (58%) approve.)

This short paper – drawing on my recent years of experience as a “Scientific Technical Writer” in inter-disciplinary science for scientists – is a response to Macdonald’s promotion of fracking in the UK, explaining why I am convinced that the women have got it right.  Click on the link below to download the pdf:

The Gut Feeling of UK Women on Fracking


Please feel free to download and distribute the pdf document, should you wish to share it.


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