Gravity is the Word

My book “Gravity is the Word” is now ready for review.

The book is a synthesis of theology, philosophy, and the sciences.

The consensus of our times is that the cosmos is as it is due to “the law of gravity” (i.e. without the law of gravity, doing what it does, the cosmos would be a completely dark and homogeneous blank).

The law of gravity has become some kind of dumb god, which although it created the cosmos, is, apparently less conscious than even human beings!

Richard Dawkins, our famous “Professor for the Public Understanding of Science” has worked out that:  “It does not make much sense to pray to the law of gravity”  (The God Delusion, Richard Dawkins).

But if we humans are the result of unconscious processes, then we are bound to ask ourselves what human consciousness is.

Are we outside observers of the cosmos, puzzling about the vast age and size of the cosmos?  Or are we the cosmos observing itself, in which case you would need to admit that the cosmos is conscious.  But even this creates problems.  Why am I “I” and not “you”?  And why do we feel that we are not the cosmos?

Why do we feel somehow detached from the cosmos, and self-conscious, and unlike all other creatures, conscious of our nakedness?  Why are we conscious that we are conscious?

No-one I know, or with whom I would want to keep company, goes through life saying “I am the cosmos”, or that “I am the law of gravity”.  What we today describe with the metaphorical words “law” and “Gravity” are a complete mystery to contemporary science.  We have replaced one universalising mystery, “the Word of God”, with another universalising mystery, “Law of Gravity” (which, although it forms and governs everything in the cosmos, is, we are persuaded since Einstein, as dead and as predictable as a machine or a set of mathematical equations).

Isaac Newton – who gave the world the concept of universal gravitation – understood that the key to understanding the cosmos is the divinely revealed micro-cosmos:  God’s revelation to man through the People Israel.  He therefore spent more of his life (50 continuous years in fact) studying the geometries and measurements of Jerusalem Temple than any other subject.  Historians of science today generally think that he was wasting his time.  In my book I prove that Newton got his theory of gravity from his knowledge of the Jerusalem Temple.  We need merely look at the relationship between the (square) Holy of Holies to the Holy Place to see the inverse square law.

We cannot ignore the work of Einstein of course.  His science was the foundation of the modern world, including my ability to type these characters into my computer and share them with you.  But, in my book, I challenge Einstein’s atheism and the relativistic worldview that his philosophy engendered.  In some ways, I rehabilitate Newton.

As I write in the last sentence of the Prologue:

One cannot meaningfully discuss Gravity without discussing Israel (and vice versa), and this is because the Creator of the Heavens is Lord of History of the Nations, centred on His Chosen People and the Apple of His Eye.

Click here to download the PDF:
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