What Jeremy Corbyn Wants

And why I don’t want it.

The way I see the world, and the destiny of the nations, is utterly different to how Corbyn sees the world.

Our respective starting points, and our end points (or ideas of what is to be the end-state of history), are utterly different.

I am pro-Establishment, and in the first decade of my career I served in the British Forces. Corbyn has been anti-Establishment since he dropped out of university and became attracted to the various forms of atheistic Socialism (such as Marxist-Leninism) in his gap years in revolutionary Latin America.

I am a monotheist, and regular worshipper in the Church of England. I “hallow the Name”. Corbyn is an atheist.

Anyone with a modicum of Jewish or Christian theology knows that the Name is Housed in Zion. Jesus was far from the only Jewish prophet who said not to swear by Jerusalem, “the City of the Great King”.

The meaning of “House” and “Name” (Solomon was commanded to build a House for the Name) are huge theological topics, that I cannot possibly deal with here.
But in the centre of the Houses of Parliament is the Lobby (separating the two houses); in the very centre of Lobby, on the floor, is a huge octagonal mosaic, around whose border are Latin words from Psalm 127:

“Unless the Lord builds the House its builders labour in vain.”

Corbyn, and all the MPs and Peers, literally walk across these Jewish words every day of their working life in Westminster. These were the words of King David. They were more or less echoed by Jesus, of the tribe of King David (the Tribe of Judah), who referred to the Jerusalem Temple as Our “Father’s House”.

It is this all-pervasive Jewish influence on the world that Karl Marx detested. The writing, public and private, of Karl Marx himself was often as antisemitic as that of Hitler (cf. A History of the Jews, Paul Johnson). Marx wanted man to be master of his own destiny. For Marx, there is only one lord of history, and that is man.

Anyone who wants to understand Corbyn’s antisemitism, and what he wants politically, must understand the difference between the Jewish faith (always oriented to Zion) and Marxist philosophy, and the fact they are utterly distinct, and the fact that the existence of Jewish faith (Zionism) precludes the Marxist goal of history. The goal of history is either the world blessed through Israel/Zion, or it is a global Communist Bloc, it cannot be both.

Marx, in his antisemitic tract “On the Jewish Question”, concludes that the emancipation of mankind [including both Christians and Jews] “is the emancipation of mankind from Judaism”. And this is precisely what many Jewish Socialists themselves (not least the Bundists) argued in the early 20th century.

Therefore, I think that Corbyn is not anti-Jew, but anti-God of Israel, and therefore, of course, he is anti the Jews, the Zionists, who uphold the banner for God of Israel.  Naturally, Corbyn is attracted to the Jewish minority who are actively anti-God of Israel, i.e. actively anti-Zionist.

Israel is the very opposite of Marxism, because “Israel” says God, not man, is ultimately the master of the destiny of the nations. “Israel” means God chooses, not man.

And God has never chosen a centre anywhere but Zion. Stalingrad is no longer Stalingrad. And Leningrad is no longer Leningrad. But Zion is still Zion, as it has been for thousands of years. And the call to Zion, and the House, remains the very last sentence of the Jewish Bible (2 Chron 36:23), as it has been for thousands of years:

“All the kingdoms of the earth hath the Lord, the God of heaven, given me; and He hath charged me to build Him a house in Jerusalem, which is in Judah. Whosoever there is among you of all His people—the Lord his God be with him—let him go up.”

For the Marxists, then, “God of Israel” is the old order, which is used by the Establishment to divinely sanction the status quo. There is partial truth in this of course. Throughout history, the Establishment in every nation has sanctioned all kinds of horrors in the Name of God. Yes, many have taken the Name of God in vain. But the Marxists think they can kill the Name altogether, and rewrite language itself, and replace Psalm 127 with something that the Proletariat must build for themselves. “The many” can build whatever they want, when they have got rid of “the few”.  But whatever they are trying to build, they Labour in vain.

Marx and Engels thought that the revolution to overthrow the old order needed to be a violent one. I cannot know how much value Corbyn sees in violence. He certainly supports terrorists willing to overthrow the old order, including Irish terrorists overthrowing the United Kingdom in Northern Ireland, but more especially terrorists, and whole nations, set on destroying Israel. Corbyn, and the first explicitly anti-Zionist Labour Party in British history, is hell-bent on destroying the House:

There is not one Union Jack in sight at Labour Party conferences in our times.  A sea of the four-coloured flag of pan-Arabisation now dominates. Why?


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Scientific Technical Writer, Artist: www.markpickles.co.uk In spare time fighting antisemitism, and writing book that synthesises monotheistic, philosophical & scientific worldviews.
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