The Battle Against Science and Corrupted Church

In April, church ministers from diverse denominations signed an open letter to the Prime Minister describing vaccine passports a ‘fundamental betrayal’ of Christian belief. Sadly, Archbishop Justin Welby has continued to be one of the Government’s most effective instruments, allowing cathedrals to be converted to vaccination drop-in centres for teenagers.

Despite the Church of England’s notorious history of child abuse, it is inviting minors to have vaccinations with or without their parents’ consent. Winchester Cathedral advertises ‘life-saving vaccinations’. But as this piece by Suzie Hazelwood for TCW highlights, vaccine deaths appear to be higher than Covid deaths amongst teenagers. Equally concerning, there is no long-term safety data, including for fertility and reproductive health. And given that few British adults have given informed consent, things are unlikely to be better for minors lured into vaccination with junk-food vouchers.

No more does the Church of England expect Christian children to honour their parents. The State, including the Church of England, encourages children to discuss medical intervention, and even sex change, without parental consent if the child is assessed to have the ability [sic] to give autonomous ‘informed consent’.

Science rules the UK today as much as it does the Communist Party of China (the world’s largest producer of science). Our nation remains ostensibly Christian. The Establishment goes through the motions. Christian prayers are still uttered before parliamentary sittings. But the reality is that the fallen angel of Establishment is science alone. The Establishment has lost its soul, and its spiritual health.

I responded to the (junior) church ministers’ open letter to the Prime Minister with a piece in TCW. One of the letter’s authors, Rev Dr Jamie Franklin, thanked me personally. But perhaps the most encouraging feedback was from a young Englishman, Keith Grimley. Keith sees through the barrage of lies, and senses and desires some underlying objective Truth. Here are two of Keith’s tweets:

Hello Mark. I was pleased to see this, although what strikes me just as much is the general lack of senior clergy and no trace of Justin Welby (unsurprisingly). I wrote to 7 local churches, pleading for their opposition to Vax certs. Not one even acknowledged me. Godless places

I have never considered myself a believer but the funny thing is, the more I recoil from the spiritual vacuum left by the Church this past year (not that you can tar all with the same brush), the more I feel a sense of what faith should be’.

What is Truth? asked Pontius Pilate. ‘The science’ is the answer offered by our clerical elders today, not only in the Church of England, but the Roman Catholic and Jewish leadership of England, as I wrote in this piece. ‘The science’ is Christened with a sprinkling of platitudes. According to Pope Francis, in a recent Big Pharma promotional video produced by the Vatican, receiving the experimental vaccine is ‘an act of love’.

It amused me that Keith wrote to ‘seven local churches’. Coincidentally, in the Book of Revelation, Jesus instructs John of Patmos to write to seven local churches, each corrupted in its own way.

Many highly intelligent and insightful English people I know have asked the question ‘what is going on’? Some are now exploring the Faith, perhaps for the first time. Perhaps, as in William Blake’s prophetic vision, Albion is awakening with a shake of his locks.

What is going on? Why so much much propaganda, lying, skewed science, and spurious public health messaging? I have referred to it as metaphysically dark, and even satanic, or ‘sinister’ in the theological sense: that which opposes God’s right hand.

Two of my favourite theologians are Moses Maimonides and Thomas Aquinas. These theologians – both controversial in their time – taught negative theology. We come to know (love) God by coming to know what God is not. This involves questioning everything that the religious authorities claim to know about God. It means there are no definite answers: the journey never ends.

Ironically, then, the weakness, corruptions and stupidity of our religious leadership today might just well be helping people to know what God is not, as we advance on the via negativa, with the Church as the foil.

Some have people have started to become interested in Faith precisely because they see, everywhere, truth being trashed.

And Douglas Murray has suddenly become very active in taking on the Church, its moral decline, its intellectual feebleness, and its apparent need to jump on the latest trendy bandwagon. Over the years, Murray has variously called himself a Christian atheist, an agnostic, and someone who ‘wants Christianity to be true’. Like Keith Grimley, he seems to be quickly deducing Christian Truth by, ironically, witnessing the Church becoming more and more like Pontius Pilate and less and less like the Christ.

The truth is that to prevent our descent into scientism, science needs to be properly arrayed with all our other forms of knowing, for the sake of our health, spiritual and material. The West today has far too much medical science, having suffered wave after wave of unnecessary medicine (including aesthetic ‘medicine’) pushed by Big Pharma and the health authorities, from the opioid epidemic to irreversible ‘gender reassignment’ chemicals and surgery in minors. Unnecessary medicine and medical errors are the third highest cause of death in the USA, where much of our medicine is sourced. Indeed, life expectancy in the USA has been falling in recent years. The reasons offered by CDC are drug overdose and suicide. And yet the CDC continues to aggressively market medical intervention, including mRNA vaccines.

God created us to come to know God, eternally, despite the religious authorities’ being an intermediary stumbling block. Plus ça change.

Last year, Pfizer launched an advertising campaign with the slogan ‘Science Will Win’, making quasi-religious promises to cure to all disease. Governments, and the Church, would be well advised to seek the causes of suicide, medical errors, and drug overdose, rather than promise the world yet more medical intervention and utopian science.

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