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Against the “Plain English Campaign”

In my very varied career of almost 40 years, I’ve spent a good half of it as a writer. My professional qualifications are technical, first in electronics and avionics engineering, and then I converted to IT (programming, application development, and business-systems … Continue reading

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The Last Trump

My Christmas Wishes Against the US Empire Mark Pickles, the Church of England “Within humanity there is planted the organism of the Church to be the channel and vehicle of the life of the Kingdom, until at last the Church … Continue reading

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What is the Meaning of Life?

What is the Meaning of Life? This is a notoriously difficult question to attempt to answer seriously in the English language. Indeed, it is almost always seen as a ridiculous question, and as the starting point for a joke. Satirical … Continue reading

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The Gut Feeling of UK Women on Fracking

The Science, the Politics,  and the Oil-and-Gas Propaganda “Women don’t understand fracking”, reported scientist Professor Averil Macdonald recently in the national press. Professor Macdonald is an emeritus professor of the communication of science, recently appointed as Chairwoman of  UK Onshore Oil … Continue reading

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Painting of the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant – 3 June 2012

Following a bit of a creative hiatus I’ve now completed what I think is my best painting since I launched myself in the art business nearly a year ago.    I think my two City-of-London paintings would make a great … Continue reading

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Realist painting versus photography

There are some very good ‘photo-realist’ artists around, who render photographs in oil paint or other media, aiming for near-perfect copies.  Whilst this requires very skilled craftsmanship, it is not my idea of art:  the creative process has all been … Continue reading

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Lucca – Mai 2012

Merci à toutes et à Marco.

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