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Scientific Technical Writer, Artist: In spare time fighting antisemitism, and writing book that synthesises monotheistic, philosophical & scientific worldviews.

Understanding the Antisemitism Crisis in the British Labour Party

This journalistic essay (5000 words) follows on from my essay on antisemitism in English society Today: Understanding the Antisemitism Crisis in the British Labour Party

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Antisemitism Today in the Churches, Politics, Sciences, and Universities of England

Antisemitism, which has always existed in English society, has suddenly resurged into the mainstream for the first time in 400 years. I have decided to put some considerable effort into fighting it, and encourage others to do the same. Once … Continue reading

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Painting of the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant – 3 June 2012

Following a bit of a creative hiatus I’ve now completed what I think is my best painting since I launched myself in the art business nearly a year ago.    I think my two City-of-London paintings would make a great … Continue reading

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Realist painting versus photography

There are some very good ‘photo-realist’ artists around, who render photographs in oil paint or other media, aiming for near-perfect copies.  Whilst this requires very skilled craftsmanship, it is not my idea of art:  the creative process has all been … Continue reading

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Lucca – Mai 2012

Merci à toutes et à Marco.

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La contrainte, c’est la liberté !

A French friend once told me that ‘constraint is freedom’.  Well-travelled, she leads groups of artists on travel-sketching holidays.  She always sets constraints, such as : “you have 30 minutes, and you must choose a subject between here and the … Continue reading

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Painting the Square Mile

When I’m painting something, be it a portrait, landscape, skyscape or cityscape, I like to ‘get under the skin’ and find out what’s going on. Why are those clouds the shape they are? Why do those bare twigs make the … Continue reading

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