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Realist painting versus photography

There are some very good ‘photo-realist’ artists around, who render photographs in oil paint or other media, aiming for near-perfect copies.  Whilst this requires very skilled craftsmanship, it is not my idea of art:  the creative process has all been … Continue reading

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Painting the Square Mile

When I’m painting something, be it a portrait, landscape, skyscape or cityscape, I like to ‘get under the skin’ and find out what’s going on. Why are those clouds the shape they are? Why do those bare twigs make the … Continue reading

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An ambitious conservative artist

“Ambitious conservative artist” is a non sequitur some might say, and that ambitious artists should be radical and challenge the establishment. But in fact the ‘establishment’ has for a long time taught, encouraged, promoted and subsidised ostensibly radical art. It’s … Continue reading

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