What Jeremy Corbyn Wants

And why I don’t want it.

The way I see the world, and the destiny of the nations, is utterly different to how Corbyn sees the world.

Our respective starting points, and our end points (or ideas of what is to be the end-state of history), are utterly different.

I am pro-Establishment, and in the first decade of my career I served in the British Forces. Corbyn has been anti-Establishment since he dropped out of university and became attracted to the various forms of atheistic Socialism (such as Marxist-Leninism) in his gap years in revolutionary Latin America.

I am a monotheist, and regular worshipper in the Church of England. I “hallow the Name”. Corbyn is an atheist.

Anyone with a modicum of Jewish or Christian theology knows that the Name is Housed in Zion. Jesus was far from the only Jewish prophet who said not to swear by Jerusalem, “the City of the Great King”.

The meaning of “House” and “Name” (Solomon was commanded to build a House for the Name) are huge theological topics, that I cannot possibly deal with here.
But in the centre of the Houses of Parliament is the Lobby (separating the two houses); in the very centre of Lobby, on the floor, is a huge octagonal mosaic, around whose border are Latin words from Psalm 127:

“Unless the Lord builds the House its builders labour in vain.”

Corbyn, and all the MPs and Peers, literally walk across these Jewish words every day of their working life in Westminster. These were the words of King David. They were more or less echoed by Jesus, of the tribe of King David (the Tribe of Judah), who referred to the Jerusalem Temple as Our “Father’s House”.

It is this all-pervasive Jewish influence on the world that Karl Marx detested. The writing, public and private, of Karl Marx himself was often as antisemitic as that of Hitler (cf. A History of the Jews, Paul Johnson). Marx wanted man to be master of his own destiny. For Marx, there is only one lord of history, and that is man.

Anyone who wants to understand Corbyn’s antisemitism, and what he wants politically, must understand the difference between the Jewish faith (always oriented to Zion) and Marxist philosophy, and the fact they are utterly distinct, and the fact that the existence of Jewish faith (Zionism) precludes the Marxist goal of history. The goal of history is either the world blessed through Israel/Zion, or it is a global Communist Bloc, it cannot be both.

Marx, in his antisemitic tract “On the Jewish Question”, concludes that the emancipation of mankind [including both Christians and Jews] “is the emancipation of mankind from Judaism”. And this is precisely what many Jewish Socialists themselves (not least the Bundists) argued in the early 20th century.

Therefore, I think that Corbyn is not anti-Jew, but anti-God of Israel, and therefore, of course, he is anti the Jews, the Zionists, who uphold the banner for God of Israel.  Naturally, Corbyn is attracted to the Jewish minority who are actively anti-God of Israel, i.e. actively anti-Zionist.

Israel is the very opposite of Marxism, because “Israel” says God, not man, is ultimately the master of the destiny of the nations. “Israel” means God chooses, not man.

And God has never chosen a centre anywhere but Zion. Stalingrad is no longer Stalingrad. And Leningrad is no longer Leningrad. But Zion is still Zion, as it has been for thousands of years. And the call to Zion, and the House, remains the very last sentence of the Jewish Bible (2 Chron 36:23), as it has been for thousands of years:

“All the kingdoms of the earth hath the Lord, the God of heaven, given me; and He hath charged me to build Him a house in Jerusalem, which is in Judah. Whosoever there is among you of all His people—the Lord his God be with him—let him go up.”

For the Marxists, then, “God of Israel” is the old order, which is used by the Establishment to divinely sanction the status quo. There is partial truth in this of course. Throughout history, the Establishment in every nation has sanctioned all kinds of horrors in the Name of God. Yes, many have taken the Name of God in vain. But the Marxists think they can kill the Name altogether, and rewrite language itself, and replace Psalm 127 with something that the Proletariat must build for themselves. “The many” can build whatever they want, when they have got rid of “the few”.  But whatever they are trying to build, they Labour in vain.

Marx and Engels thought that the revolution to overthrow the old order needed to be a violent one. I cannot know how much value Corbyn sees in violence. He certainly supports terrorists willing to overthrow the old order, including Irish terrorists overthrowing the United Kingdom in Northern Ireland, but more especially terrorists, and whole nations, set on destroying Israel. Corbyn, and the first explicitly anti-Zionist Labour Party in British history, is hell-bent on destroying the House:

There is not one Union Jack in sight at Labour Party conferences in our times.  A sea of the four-coloured flag of pan-Arabisation now dominates. Why?


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Why we must fear, and challenge, contemporary Islam

Scroll down and link to the PDF for my latest essay on antisemitism (27,500 words).

This essay goes deeper into the theology of antisemitism than my previous essays:  it has to, because I am taking on the rampant and dangerous antisemitism in Islamism, or, as I prefer to call it, “contemporary Islam”.

The essay is titled:

Why we must fear, and challenge, contemporary Islam

And subtitled:

And help Islam to make Islam beautiful again

As I explained in my last essay, Islam today is suffering precisely the same antisemitic curse that overwhelmed Christendom in the 20th century, and is in danger of overwhelming the West again, if we continue to indulge contemporary Islam, rather than robustly challenge it and prevent the re-infection.  The current resurgence of antisemitism in the West, which is being fed by Islamic antisemitism, implies that the West, despite the ideology that led to World War II, has failed to learn how very serious and evil antisemitic ideology actually is.

I contend that to understand antisemitism properly, one must reach way beyond what is possible through the secular approaches such as sociology, empirical history, and politics.  I contend that antisemitism is not simply another form of “racism”.   Racism can be, and has been, terrible and dangerous of course, and always must be challenged.  But antisemitism is far more dangerous and serious.  Determined antisemitism/anti-Zionism, whether it is Christian, Islamic, Fascist, Socialist, Jewish, or secularist (such as Liberalism and Progressivism) is nothing less than the man’s attempt to extinguish the soul, and cut the world off from God.

Please do download the PDF, and please do share it if you think it can do some good.  In the meantime, I will try to get the essay published through a channel where it is likely to reach a wider audience than through my own small social networks.



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The Arab-Israeli Conflict Made Simple

The Nazi Elephant in the Room

“Once this book [Protocols of the Elders of Zion] has become the common property of the people, the Jewish menace may be considered as broken.”  Hitler, Mein Kampf

Clichés abound that make the conflict sound more complex than it actually is. The favourite cliché is that, “the Arab-Israeli conflict is very complex”.

No it isn’t.

Analysis only becomes complex if you ignore (and almost everyone does) the genocidally-antisemitic elephant in the room – i.e. the one that relocated from Berlin to Cairo and throughout Egypt and Syria in the months leading up to the suicide of Hitler in 1945.

The primary and sustaining cause of the Arab-Israeli conflict is genocidal antisemitism; the rest is footnotes. It’s as simple as that. And it’s as serious as that.

And both the Christian West and Islam must take responsibility for unleashing the evil.  The hundred-plus formally Christian nations and the 57 Muslim nations must take responsibility for their own ills and failures and cease from using Israel – the sole Jewish nation, the besieged home of half the world’s Jews – as the world’s scapegoat and metaphysical enemy.

I grant you that antisemitism per se is a hugely complex problem, and in this essay I am only going to skim across the causes and consequences of antisemitism. But the Arab-Israeli conflict, and the fact that it cannot be resolved (and must not be ‘resolved’ until the Arab world commits to global re-education), is very simple to understand for the honest observer: one side of the conflict is ideologically committed to genocidal antisemitism. The Arab nations and authorities make no secret of this. But the Arab nations are indulged by the other nations because the Arab nations are the richest grouping of nations in the world, sitting on the Black Gold.

The 22 Arab nations (and a 23rd would-be Arab nation called “Palestine”) publish genocidal antisemitism in their constitutions, theology, manifestos, sermons, infant schoolbooks, and on TV channels across the Arab world.  It is even written on their national and political flags. And yet it remains the Nazi Elephant in the Room. In this essay, we will analyse why this is so.

Hitler got his way. *Protocols of the Elders of Zion is now the common property of the Arab people, translated into Arabic of course, as is Mein Kampf.  Today, both of these hate-filled and poisonous books are best-selling throughout the whole of the Arab world and the wider Muslim world.  Today, Hitler is proving to be as influential a false prophet for Islam as he was, in his life, for Christendom

*Protocols of the Elders of Zion was first published anonymously in Russia in 1903; it is a malevolent hoax that minutes a meeting of Jewish elders planning to take over the world. It was not revealed to be a fraud until 1921, by The Times of London, before which it was often quoted on authority throughout Russia and Europe, including in Britain, and including by The Times of London. In the USA, Protocols was made popular and quoted on authority by the car magnate and Jew hater Henry Ford, and it seems that Ford was the main influence on Hitler for theories of Jewish international conspiracy.

Hitler mentions Henry Ford in Mein Kampf, and Ford was awarded, and accepted, the Nazi Cross (Order of the German Eagle) in September 1938. Hitler said, “You can tell Herr Ford that I am a great admirer of his. I shall do my best to put his theories into practice in Germany. … I regard Henry Ford as my inspiration”.

In Mein Kampf, Hitler stresses that Protocols is not a hoax, but factually true. The text was taught to German schoolchildren from 1933. Today it is taught as factually true throughout the Arab world, including in its universities. It is quoted on authority by Arab intellectual and political elites.

The genocidal antisemitism was exported from Christian Europe. It began in the early 20th century, around the time of the publication of Protocols of the Elders of Zion in France and the Dreyfus Affair in France: the conspiracy and massive fraud against a Jewish officer in the French Army. Naturally, Protocols was the favoured text for the
“anti-Dreyfusards”, including the Roman Catholic Church in France, which by this time had become so notoriously antisemitic and obsessively committed to condemning Captain Dreyfus that the reputation of Christianity in France was forever damaged.  Indeed, the culpability of the Church in France led to the permanent separation of Church and State and the introduction of ideological secularism, or laïcité which purges the Church and clericalism from all State institutions and schools.  (Laïcité created problems of its own, and ultimately resulted in worst philosophical gargoyles ever to roam the Earth, the ugliest of whom is Michel Foucault.  France is the proverbial drunken man, who falls off the horse and gets back on only to fall off the other side.)


French antisemitism was initially exported to the Arab world by the French Third Republic into their Arab colonies. The French (and even to some extent the British, as we will see) effectively prepared the way for the reception of Nazism throughout the Middle East and North Africa. The Nazi French (or “Vichy”) held power in Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Syria and Lebanon. And the Italian Fascists ruled Libya. Of course, there was much Arab opposition to Nazi-French occupation, but even much of this had become infected with the ideology of Hitler’s National Socialism, such as the Syrian Social Nationalist Party (today the second largest political organisation in Syria, after the equally vile and inherently violent Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party). The party anthem of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party was “Syria, Syria, über alles” to the tune of Germany’s national anthem, and these Syrian Nazis have, to this day, retained the swastika on their party flag.

The German Nazis simply had to translate into Arabic the whole of the propaganda portfolio (minus the propaganda that deprecated the Arab ‘race’) that had been used to convince the Germans of Hitler’s “struggle” (kampf in German, jihad in Arabic). This was then disseminated into the Arab world along with Protocols, which had been translated into Arabic by an Arab Christian in Cairo in 1928, the same year that the Hitler-inspired Muslim Brotherhood was founded in Cairo.

Muslim Waffen-SS units were created, extending from Bosnia to Iraq, all in anticipation of Rommel’s victory in North Africa, following which the methods of the Holocaust in Europe were to be used in the Middle East.

These are historical facts, unlike the senior Labour MP Ken Livingstone’s infamous “historical facts” that “Hitler was a Zionist”.  I believe that the most thorough work on the genocidal plans following Rommel’s anticipated outright victory is that of the German historians Klaus-Michael Mallmann and Martin Cüppers, who, for instance, have detailed a mobile killing unit (or Einsatzgruppen) prepared in Greece in July 1942, ready to take the Nazi genocide to the Jews of Palestine.  The genocide had already begun in Arab North Africa. Over 5000 Tunisian Jews were rounded up for instance, most were worked to death in forced-labour camps, some were sent to the European death camps, and some were shot or otherwise murdered, such as by starvation or death marches. (Tunisia, in the War, had 100,000 Jews, descendants of continuous Jewish communities stretching back over 2000 years; they were temporarily liberated by the Allies in 1943, but all were later forced to flee the genocidal antisemitism that consumed the post-War Arab world. Today, Tunisia, like all the nations of North Africa, is almost Jew free.)

We must remember, we must always remember, that much of Europe, from Ireland, (Vichy) France and Spain in the west, to Lithuania, Romania and Bulgaria in the east, supported Hitler and Nazism. And Hitler had some support in Britain of course, through the British Union of Fascists, some British intellectuals, and even King Edward VIII.
Today, European support for Hitler and Nazism is a concern, of course, and must be kept in check, especially in Germany, but it is presently restricted to the fringes and, pray, it does not find support in the cultural mainstream or in the governments of the day. But it is in the cultural and political mainstream in the Arab world where Hitler and Nazism spawned an extant and unprecedented form of Islam, committed to genocidal antisemitism. And the movement is not abating. Since the turn of the millennium it has been consolidating throughout the Middle East and into the greater Ummah.  And I am not just referring to the various caliphater movements and jihadist militias, as powerful as they are. In the Arab world and Iran, and the greater Muslim world, from Turkey to Malaysia and Pakistan, genocidal antisemitism is propagated by governments, by de facto governments, and by the Muslim Brotherhood.

As noted, Hitler and Nazism (and Mein Kampf and Protocols of the Elders of Zion) remain very popular, indeed are becoming increasingly popular, in the Muslim-majority nations, both in mainstream culture and in Arab academia. In popular culture, “Hitler” and “Hitler 2” are now shop names and clothing brands, and the Nazi swastika is ubiquitous in the regions governed by Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad.
This Nazi/Islamic hybrid is as great a threat to civilisation, including Islamic civilisation, as the original Nazi/Christian hybrid that spawned it.

Why do we ignore the Nazi Elephant in the Room?

One important reason we, in the West, are blind to contemporary Islamic antisemitism is that we are far from healed of the latent and chronic antisemitism that has pervaded the Christian West for millennia. Indeed, Western antisemitism has been regaining momentum since the turn of the millennium, largely through antisemitic/anti-Israel propaganda we are re-importing from the Arab world and the wider Muslim world.

Roman Catholic antisemitism in France is almost back to where it was a century ago, and it is combining with the Islamic antisemitism that is being re-imported from the former French colonies.  France has the largest Jewish population in Europe, but since the turn of the millennium has seen a Jewish exodus and a year-on-year increase in antisemitic incidents. French Jews are far from optimistic about a viable future in France.

Money is another important reason that we in the West ignore the Nazi Elephant in the Room.

After WWII, the USA made the decision to detach the US dollar from the gold standard (ending the international convertibility of the American dollar to gold) and attached it to oil: the “black gold”, or “petrodollar”. The oil-producing nations, beginning with Saudi Arabia, were persuaded to sell oil on the world markets in US dollars (with the promise, in return, of US investment and military protection of oil-and-gas fields).

Most nations of the world today are starting to agree that we will need to move away from the oil/gas economy.  It is poisoning the very air we breathe and destroying the atmosphere of the planet.  And single-use plastic, the most profitable by-product of oil, is killing the oceans. The future after Black Gold is the subject for other essays; suffice it to say that, for the time being, the West is very cautious about upsetting the Arabs, and the West has been diligent in ignoring Arab antisemitism, nay Arab genocidal antisemitism, despite that fact that it has been worsening exponentially since the turn of the millennium.

Despite the West’s concerns about oil and economics, we immediately need to address the Nazi Elephant in the Room, otherwise it will destroy everything. It will destroy civilisation, West, East and Middle East. Economics must aspire to the good, not accommodate the evil.

Scholars of antisemitism – such as Dr Charles Asher Small, whom I had the pleasure of meeting at an “ISGAP” seminar at Oxford very recently – often warn us of the genocidal propensity in antisemitism, a propensity that is there because central to antisemitism is the perpetual ideology of scapegoating (thereby sacrificing) the Jew.  Killing and/or expulsing Jews to make a society Jew free is, of course, genocide.  And once a society becomes psychologically and spiritually amenable to genocide, the killing never stops with the Jews.  The society soon becomes disillusioned that, despite killing the scapegoats, things have got worse, not better, and so new explanations for the society’s failures are sought, and new scapegoats are sought.

On 3rd May 2019, the Bishop of Truro published an “interim” report on Christian persecution in the world, on the behest of Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt. He tells us that the persecution of millions of Christians of the Middle East and North Africa, and in other Muslim-majority regions of the world, has reached such a “vast scale” that it is coming “close to meeting the international definition of genocide”. The bishop says: “it rarely gets much attention in the Western media. Even many churchmen in the West turn a blind eye…. The global war on Christians remains the greatest story never told of the early 21st century”. The majority of these Christians are amongst the poorest and most voiceless people in the world, and simply don’t attract the interest of mainstream media, the same media that is obsessed with finding faults with Israel, which is besieged by some of the same Arab powers that are now committing near-genocide levels of persecution of the region’s Christians.

Not only are Christians suffering from the genocidal Muslims, but so are Muslims, particularly the poorest Muslims, and the moderate and deeply intellectual Muslims, such as, notably, the Sufis. The Sufis were once the pride of Islam, with Sunni and Shia both disputing, until quite recently, this or that Sufi saint or poet as their own. But in the past decade, Muslim Sufis have suffered mass murder everywhere from Pakistan to Iran to Libya, and their mosques and shrines are being destroyed throughout the Muslim world. The hate that begins with Jews never ends with Jews. And of course the genocidal antisemitism in the Middle East that unleashed all this, and expulsed the region’s Jews to Israel (in the main), remains determined to annihilate the Jews of Israel who, thank God, are managing to defend themselves from the Levantine Leviathan.

The British

Even where the antisemitism has taken on its most Nazified forms, the West has generally ignored it and appeased it, and been complicit in the evil of it. Why?

It is not only access to the oil and gas that we, in the ‘liberal’ West, desire. We want the money from the oil-rich Arab nations that import from the West, such as the United Arab Emirates, which owns the world’s largest fleet of Airbus A380s (the world’s largest passenger aircraft, at half-a-billion dollars a unit before operating costs). And the UAE is a key account for the British defence sector.

It is a myth, by the way, that Britain is, and generally has been, supportive of Israel, or Jews for that matter. Britain is generally, and always has been, antisemitic and anti-Israel. Jeremy Corbyn’s antisemitism/anti-Israelism isn’t a British anomaly. He is like a stand-out fly agaric that has sprouted from an underground fungal network whose poisonous spores were sown by the Church of England in Norwich in 1144, where the English Church invented the infamous Blood Libel. The Blood Libel resulted in the permanent Royal Edict of Expulsion of the Jews, not overturned until the Oliver Cromwell-led regicide of 1649.

Britain has never, in reality, supported Israel, despite some philosophical and theological Christian support in the higher intellectual and political echelons of British society who signed up to the Zionist cause in the early 20th century.  The British administration and its military were inevitably duplicitous in “Mandatory Palestine” because, in the British Empire, the Egyptian army and the Transjordan army were, to all intents, the British Army. Controlling and preventing Arab revolts was the priority. On the one hand the British started to allow Jews, the Zionist pioneers, into Mandatory Palestine to buy land (generally in the most sparsely populated and malarial areas), and on the other hand the British armed the Arabs to kill the Jews. Before, during, and after World War II, the British policy was to block Jews attempting to escape Nazified Europe from entering Palestine. As I read recently on the website of the National [British] Army Museum:

“During the Second World War (1939-45), the British restricted the entry into Palestine of European Jews escaping Nazi persecution. Anxious to appease the Egyptians and oil-rich Saudis, they imposed a limit on Jewish immigration.” (www.nam.ac.uk)

The post-War British Labour Government, and its Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin, had decided to keep the Jewish survivors of the Holocaust out of Mandatory Palestine, and turned away ships crammed with Jewish survivors. The Tories were similarly minded (although there were Zionist exceptions in both Labour and Conservative parties, including Winston Churchill).

After the War, the Zionists – refugees of the Holocaust in the main – had no obvious option but to seek sanctuary in Israel, but they first had to mobilise an insurgent army to defeat the British Army. The Jews then had to defeat 7 genocidal Arab armies, all of which had refused a two-state solution voted by the UN (a solution that the Jews had accepted). In fact there were 7.5 Arab armies, if we include the British officers and men who had decided to fight with the Transjordan army with the aim of destroying the nascent Jewish state. (Britain had handed its Mandate over to the UN, and had abstained on the vote for two states.)

It is high time that we, Britain, demonstrated that our moral compass overrides our attraction to Arab oil money. It is high time that we acknowledged the Nazi Elephant in the Room. And it is high time that we thought about the consequences of not doing so. It is time the Christians amongst us practice what we preach: abhor evil and cleave to that which is good, remembering that “the love of money is the root of all evil”.

Today, the Arab world has the power to buy all the world’s most fantastic and pharaonic luxuries and vanity projects, and turn a pristine sea into vast and dead palm-tree shaped islands to house brain-dead Arab billionaires. And although the Arab Emirates are charitable enough to keep English Premier-league football clubs (and brain-dead footballers) in pharaonic luxury, the same emirs and sultans and sheiks are apparently unable to help out Arabs who have been claiming refugee status since shortly after World War II and the first Arab-Israeli Wars of 1948. Of all the nations of the world, only the Arab nations, some of the richest nations in the world, refuse to absorb their refugees from World War II and the post-colonial aftermath.

The “Refugee” strategy

Today the Arab world chooses to sustain the suffering of 80-year old Arab refugees – and their descendants now in the fourth generation – maintaining their passport-less refugee status in the host Arab nations (denied naturalised nationality and full citizenship rights, and essentially ghettoised).

Most of the Arab refugees have in fact now died of old age, as have most of the Jewish refugees who were expulsed from the Arab nations. But because the United Nations has a bloc vote of the 57 Muslim nations committed to the obliteration of Israel, the Arab refugees from Mandatory Palestine (many of whom were told to move out of the way by the invading and genocidal Arab armies) are, uniquely in international law, allowed to pass on their refugee status to all descendants for all eternity. None of the world’s other refugees (there are about 65 million today) enjoy any such status. Furthermore, of all the many nations created and partitioned after the War, and after the decolonisation by European powers, Israel, the only Jewish nation, is the only nation whose right to exist is denied (by almost every Muslim nation), and challenged the world over, including in the Christian West.

The UN has refugee program for the world, UNHCR, and a unique one, UNWRA, a ‘refugee’ breeding program for descendants of ‘Palestinians’ who, if allowed into the State of Israel (from where they and their parents and grandparents were born in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and the Gaza Strip/Egypt), would mean that Muslim Arabs outnumber Israeli Jews, making a Jewish-state democracy impossible. And this is of course the intention of the Muslim nations in their UN influence.

The UK helps to fund the UNWRA. Why?

To remind you of the Nazi Elephant in the Room. The Arab nations (including super-rich UAE, which does not accept that the State of Israel exists) are deeply infected with genocidal antisemitism, and want the State of Israel removed from the map of the world. Without a large number ‘Palestinian refugees’ from 1948 they would find it more difficult to lobby and find support in the West and the United Nations.

The Arab nations (football-loving Qatar in particular, the richest nation in the world) put many $billions into Hamas and Palestinian Authority, precisely because Hamas and Palestinian Authority are signed up to genocidal antisemitism and the obliteration of Israel. Qatar has been particularly supportive of Hamas’ “pay for slay” stipend, a life-long stipend for the families of suicide bombers and other ‘martyrs’, and prisoners, who have murdered Jews or who have attempted to murder Jews by, for instance, making themselves into human bombs.

The British Government can hardly protest about this, because the British Government also pays the Palestinian Authority many £millions per annum, knowing, it seems, that much of this money supports the pay-for-slay stipend. (At the time of writing a Freedom of Information request has been filed to force the Government to explain where its ‘welfare’ payments to Palestinian Authority are being spent.)

The State of Israel, by contrast, has absorbed all the Jewish refugees (who outnumbered Arab refugees) from the Arab-Israeli wars and from the ethnic cleansing of Jews from all the Arab nations. The conflict created, according to historical consensus, 700,000 Arab refugees and 850,000 Jewish refugees. The dispossessed Jewish refugees spent years, if not decades, in tents and shacks, but they, and their descendants, have now been fully absorbed into the State of Israel and, thank God, are generally happy and joyful having made Aliyah, despite the permanent threat of the raging Nazi Leviathan.

The Arab ‘refugees’ whose ancestors were born in Ottoman Palestine or British Mandatory Palestine now number several millions (perhaps outnumbering the Jews of Israel), and have been raised in nations that are genocidally antisemitic, and whose overriding reason for wanting them in Israel is obvious to everyone who is not wilfully blind.

Nazism now thrives in Islam, and is still latent in the Church

Nazi antisemitism is the most potent form of antisemitism known to history because it combined science with both Christian and Islamic theology (and some German Paganism for good measure). The Muslim Brotherhood, in the 1930s, imported the Nazi antisemitism from Hitler’s Germany (and Hitler’s own writing) and the poison has spread, and is continuing to spread, throughout the whole of the Muslim world. Sayyid Qutb wrote of his own kampf or “struggle with the Jews” to give an Islamic authenticity to Nazism.

Until we address the extant and all-pervasive and ever-worsening genocidal antisemitism (now being inculcated into every schoolchild in the regions surrounding Israel), there is no point in discussing, or proposing, or politicising, much else concerning the Arab-Israeli conflict. There is no point in peace dialogue with anyone persuaded by Mein Kampf and the Protocols.  It helps no-one, including your deluded Arab interlocutor.

The only hope is that we can find ways to persuade Islam that Hitler is as much a false prophet to Islam as he was to Christendom.

In the meantime, for those of us sitting comfortably in the West, the only morally-credible position to take is to support the State of Israel in every way we can. The Arab regimes surrounding Israel – all of which have killed or expulsed all their Jews – can continue to lose many wars. Israel must not lose even one.

The alternative, indulging genocidal antisemitism – i.e. ignoring the Nazi Elephant in the Room – harms everyone, including those who have become committed in their heart and mind to genocidal antisemitism.

Genocidal antisemitism, within living memory, not only destroyed the Jews of Europe but very nearly destroyed Europe itself. Germany, the cradle of the Holy Roman Empire, dreaming of the glorious Third Empire (or Reich) once the world had been freed of Jews, suffered in particular, ultimately being split down the middle, losing half the nation to the Red Army and the Communists.  Germany itself suffered post-War reciprocal genocide: the Rape of Berlin, and the killing and expulsion of millions of ethnic Germans from Central and Eastern Europe between 1944 and 1950. Although Germany eventually recovered economically – after we British reconstructed the infrastructure of the Ruhr valley – and from the loss of millions of German lives, it is a nation now condemned to live in eternal shame, or what the theologian Martin Niemöller accepted as Germany’s “shared guilt”.

Niemöller himself, it has to be said, was no “Righteous Among the Nations”, in fact, like the majority of German churchmen, he supported Hitler and Nazism when Hitler came to power in 1933. He only started to oppose Hitler in 1936 when Hitler started to oppose the the churches that would not come into line with the German Evangelical Church, or Protestant Reich Church (a confederation of the German Protestant churches, all of which were persuaded by Nazism). Niemöller it seems to me, was himself profoundly antisemitic, just as the World Council of Churches that he founded is dangerously antisemitic to this day (refer to my I Accuse essay):

“What is the reason for obvious punishment, which has lasted for thousands of years? Dear brethren, the reason is easily given: the Jews brought the Christ of God to the cross!” From a sermon by Martin Niemöller in 1935

And despite the War and the Holocaust, we hear similar words from Christians today. Here are the words of the British Liberal Democrat politician (and former patron of Christian Aid), Baroness Tonge, that she published on the World Wide Web in August 2018:

“We would all like a safe haven [Israel] to run to when the going gets tough, but we stay on and ask why it is getting tough. Why have the Jewish people been persecuted over and over again throughout history. Why? I never get an answer. If we discussed this we would be accused of anti Semitism, so better not, and so it goes on!”

I have tried to demonstrate in this essay that the genocidal antisemitism, and reasons for what Niemöller called “obvious punishment”, were seamlessly exported from Christian Europe to the Islamic Middle East and North Africa, including by the colonial churches. Most importantly, the Islamic Arab world was just as committed to, and convinced by, the unhinged visions and writings of Hitler as Christian Germany and Austria and much of the rest of Europe.

Nazism was all about obliteration of course. Islam never spoke of obliteration of all Jews until Islam was seduced by Hitler.

Today, every Arab regime, and Iran, and the wider Muslim world, either has declared aims to “obliterate Israel” (the words of the Hamas Covenant) or explicitly supports regimes whose aim is genocide of the Jews. We can see this in the bloc voting at the United Nations, which due to the Islamic bloc, and the nations that court the petrodollar, is obsessed with the tiny nation of Israel. Here is some data that I have used in other essays, but which should never fail to shock:

In 2016 the UN General Assembly resolutions specifically targeted at individual nations were:
UN resolutions against Israel: 20.
UN resolutions against every other nation in the world combined: 6

In 2017 the figures were:
UN resolutions against Israel: 21.
UN resolutions against every other nation in the world combined: 6

The only two of the 22 Arab nations that accept that the State of Israel exists are Egypt and Jordan, and this is because every time Egypt and Jordan have attacked Israel, they have been repulsed and weakened. But even Egypt and Jordan are far from free of influential and powerful factions within them, such as the supra-national Muslim Brotherhood, which is committed to genocidal antisemitism and is always poised to re-take power in Egypt and to take on the Jordanian monarchy. The Muslim Brotherhood, through Hamas, has taken power in the Gaza Strip, where it cooperates with Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Apart from the Muslim Brotherhood, there are of course many other unhinged pan-national Jihadist movements in the region, such as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), and the Islamic Republic of Iran, and the Houthi movement, whose motto is: “God is great, death to the US, death to Israel, curse the Jews, and victory for Islam”.

These are the Jews… Always fighting, always corrupting, always scheming, and always plotting against humanity – not just against the Muslims, but rather against all humanity… Our prophet [Muhammad] informed us [that] at the end of time the Muslims will fight the Jews until the Jews hide behind a stone or a tree… The tyranny of the Jews did not just reach humans, but also the inanimate objects and all creatures: ‘Until the Jews hide behind a stone or a tree, and the stone or a tree will say: ‘Muslim, servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him’ … Allah, strike your enemies, the enemies of the religion, count them and kill them one by one, and do not leave even one.’

Palestinian Authority TV preacher Sheikh Osama Al-Tibi, Official Palestinian Authority TV, Dec. 14, 2018

“The Nazi Elephant in the Room” is the answer to many questions

The nations of the Middle East and North Africa, apart from Israel, are, to every honest observer, a godforsaken mess. But why?

Is it lack of money? No. This region has more money sloshing around, and more rich nations and rich individuals, than any region in the world.

Is it racial inferiority or lack of intelligence? No. The Arabs and the Persians were for a time (during the Christian Dark Ages) the enlighteners of mankind.

Is it inferiority of language? No. The thinkers and writers in Arabic have achieved the highest intellectual and spiritual reaches.

Is intolerance innate to Islam? No. For most of its history, Islam has been far more tolerant (including to Jews) than Christianity and the Church.

The reason for Islam’s contemporary mess is the Nazi antisemitism that was exported from Berlin. There have always been forms of antisemitism in Islam, but not as severe as Nazism.  Worse, added to Islamic Nazism is a culture of shame-honour, which is more like Japan’s Imperial Shintoism than Germany’s Nazism. Not even the German Nazis, after all, were persuaded that they should turn themselves into human bombs. For further reading on Islamic shame-honour, I suggest the reader searches the blog – “Augean Stables” of the American historian Richard Landes, and search for “honor-shame” (in the American spelling).

The Muslim nations are now so determined to take Israel and expulse all her Jews that they seem to have lost morality, joy, wisdom, love, compassion, learning, spiritual depth, and the general ability to function as Islamic civilisation. One of Islam’s great strengths, as Christendom was closing in itself and becoming obsessed with dogma, was its ability to assimilate and abstract knowledge and wisdom wherever it existed. “Seek knowledge, even unto China”, instructed the Prophet Muhammad according to a famous hadith.

All is lost for the sake of pointing the Jihadist sword at Israel: a small and overcrowded patch of land in which, until the restitution of Israel, neither Islam nor Christianity had taken much strategic interest since the Crusades, allowing the city of Jerusalem and the region’s arable land to become derelict and malarial and otherwise diseased.

Israel – scarcely bigger than the English county of Yorkshire if we omit the inhospitable Negev Desert – is only a great and desirable nation today, rather than some derelict outpost of this or that empire, because the Zionists made a barren, diseased and sparsely-populated land into a great and desirable nation whose genius has gifted the world with many of the innovations that drive the modern world and modern medicine for the good of all.

In WWI, when the British expeditionary force led by General Allenby took Jerusalem in 1917, 28,000 cases of malaria were reported in Palestine among British soldiers, with Allenby’s chief medical officer reporting that Palestine “is one of the most malaria-afflicted countries in the world”. Typhus, smallpox, cholera, dysentery and tuberculosis were also widespread, making Jerusalem one of the most dangerous cities on Earth.

‘Malaria stands out as by far the most important disease in Palestine. For centuries it has decimated the population and it is an effective bar to the development and settlement of large tracts of fertile lands… There are few regions actually free from it.’
Mandatory Palestine, First Annual Report of the British Department of Health, 1921

Islam aspires to the seventh heaven, but as in Dante’s seventh circle of Hell, the Muslim nations now seem to find their meaning in violence and death, which, sadly, is now very much integrated into the petrodollar economy and trade in arms, and therefore implicates us all.

And yet somehow, miraculously, in the midst of all this, Israel, though far from perfect, is becoming the light unto the nations. She is already, despite her newness, the most innovative nation in the world per capita, and winning Nobel prizes and other international prizes for medicine and science and mathematics, and leading the field in endeavours such as IT, water desalination, irrigation, ecology, agriculture, and the fight against endemic malaria.

Israeli and Jewish innovation is helping, and healing, the world, including the Arabs, and yet the Arab regimes want to destroy her in favour of blood and honour and the creation of yet another Muslim-Arab nation (as though 22 tyrannical and dystopian Muslim-Arab nations, and the internecine conflicts within them and between them, are not yet already enough for the world).

One is reminded of Joseph Goebbels speech in 1933 to the student unions of Berlin, inciting them to burn their books:

“The era of extreme Jewish intellectualism is now at an end. The breakthrough of the German revolution has again cleared the way on the German path…The future German man will not just be a man of books, but a man of character. It is to this end that we want to educate you. As a young person, to already have the courage to face the pitiless glare, to overcome the fear of death, and to regain respect for death – this is the task of this young generation. And thus you do well in this midnight hour to commit to the flames the evil spirit of the past. This is a strong, great and symbolic deed – a deed which should document the following for the world to know – Here the intellectual foundation of the November Republic is sinking to the ground, but from this wreckage the phoenix of a new spirit will triumphantly rise.”

The Arab nations, and indeed all the 57 Muslim nations of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), are suffering precisely the same madness that afflicted Hitler’s Germany and the German churches. Whereas the Germans did not wake up until they could hear the tanks of the Red Army approaching, and the Luftwaffe could no longer stop the RAF and the USAAF from bombing Germany’s cities, can we find a better way to help contemporary Islam to see that it is suffering from precisely the same Nazi curse?

We can at the very least stop indulging Islamic antisemitism, such as the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mahathir bin Mohamad, the elder statesman of OIC. Bin Mohamad said in his address to OIC in Kuala Lumpur in 2003:

“Jews still rule the world by proxy… but 1.3 billion Muslims cannot be defeated by a few million Jews. There must be a way. And we can only find a way if we stop to think, to assess our weaknesses and our strength, to plan, to strategise and then to counterattack…The Europeans killed six million Jews out of 12 million”.

Speech of the incumbent Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mahathir bin Mohamad

Bin Mohamad seems to be saying that there is no god but god, and Hitler is his prophet. He openly admits that he is “antisemitic”, and says he is happy to be called “antisemitic”. And the fact that, in the first half of 2019, he was invited to speak at both the Oxford Union and the Cambridge Union confirms that many of the UK’s brightest young adults are antisemitic and are happy to befriend, and honour, a Muslim leader who thinks that Hitler got it right, and that Islam should finish off the genocide that Hitler only half completed.

As I have been maintaining, we cannot blame the Arabs or Islam for Hitler. We Christians must take the blame, and somehow convince contemporary Islam that Hitler is proving to be as destructive a prophet-and-saviour for Islam as he was for Christendom. Hitler was a Roman Catholic (never excommunicated), elected by and supported by Christian Germany, including the Roman Catholic and Lutheran churches (there were some brave and heroic Christian dissenters of various denominations of course, including Roman Catholic, such as the White Rose Group, but too few to hinder the march of Christian genocidal antisemitism).

The Hitler-inspired Muslim Brotherhood spread rapidly throughout the Middle East, but the de facto leader of the Arab world during World War II, was Amin al-Husseini, Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, whom Hitler hosted in Berlin for four years. Amin al-Husseini was a product and former soldier of the Ottoman Empire, an empire whose propensity for genocide was as determined as that of the Germans.

From 1940, Amin al-Husseini was tasked in Berlin with transmitting Hitler’s philosophy into the whole of the Arab world – much of which was poorly educated and easily indoctrinated – using new-technology short-wave radio. Al Husseini often preached that the Muslim has a duty to murder every Jew, wherever they are hiding. This should not seem shocking to us, because it is precisely what the Germans, Austrians, French and others were preaching and doing at the heart of Christian Europe. As Amin al-Husseini later wrote in his memoirs:

“Our fundamental condition for cooperating with Germany was a free hand to eradicate every last Jew from Palestine and the Arab world. I asked Hitler for an explicit undertaking to allow us to solve the Jewish problem in a manner befitting our national and racial aspirations and according to the scientific methods innovated by Germany in the handling of its Jews. The answer I got was: ‘The Jews are yours’.”
From the Memoirs of Mohammed Amin al-Husseini, Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and de facto leader of the Arab world

The plan always was to move the Holocaust to the Middle East when the project had been completed in Europe, and Rommel had taken North Africa and beyond. The Nazi project (or “kampf” or “jihad”) came to end in Europe with the suicide of the Hitler, but it has never been abandoned in the Arab world.

It has long been known that senior Nazis fled to the Middle East, especially to Egypt and Syria. Historians with access to recently-released German state archives tell us that, following the Allied invasion in 1944, SS generals, intelligence officers, Nazi propagandists, and Holocaust administrators fled to join the Arab League in Egypt and Syria to get a second chance at the Final Solution. In March 1944, as it was becoming obvious that it was only a matter of time before the Nazis were overwhelmed, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem broadcasted from Berlin:

“Arabs, rise as one man and fight for your sacred rights. Kill the Jews wherever you find them. This pleases God, history, and religion. This saves your honor. God is with you.”
Words of the so-called Grand Mufti of Jerusalem

Arab-speaking media watchers (such as CAMERA and MEMRI) report that this kind of vile speech is heard everywhere today in the Arab world, including from the Palestinian Authority leader Mahmood Abbas, and including in mainstream media of the richest and supposedly most advanced Arab nations.

Further reading:

Historian Richard Landes, and his blog “Augean Stables”

Journalist and writer Lyn Julius, and her book “Uprooted”, and her various blog contributions.

Political scientist Charles Asher Small, and his talks, available on the Internet, on genocidal antisemitism, for the Institute of Global Antisemitism and Policy (ISGAP)

The work of David Patterson, Hillel A Feinberg Chair in Holocaust Studies, University of Texas, particularly David’s ground-breaking book: Anti-Semitism and its Metaphysical Origins.

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I ACCUSE – Contemporary Antisemitism and the Church of England

In this long essay (55,000 words) I explain how and why the source and sustenance of English antisemitism is not the Labour Party but the Church of England.

The antisemitic myths, canards and tropes that now seem to have infected the whole world (and that the Corbynistas have re-imported from the Arab world and Iran) are all sourced in the Church of England.

In 1218, the Archbishop of Canterbury Stephen Langton persuaded Henry III to proclaim the Edict of the Badge, a yellow badge of shame to identify the Jew. In 1289, King Edward I issued the Edict of Expulsion, having been convinced of the “blood libel” conspiracy, another Church-of-England export – originating in Norwich – which claimed that the Jews crucified or otherwise tortured Christian children before then consuming their blood in religious ritual.  The permanent royal edict of expulsion of Jews was not overturned until the monarchy was overturned by Oliver Cromwell.

The Labour Party became institutionally antisemitic about 2 years ago, but the Church of England – which is now giving its nodding approval to the Corbyn cult, as it drives antisemitism into the political and cultural mainstream – became institutionally antisemitic well over a thousand years ago.

The College of Bishops has recently, ostensibly, accepted the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) of antisemitism, as has the Labour Party, but neither institution seems to have any intention of complying to IHRA guidelines.

I am not an adherent of the Labour Party, but I am an adherent of the Church of England, and I am moved to challenge it.

In the essay I challenge the Establishment’s antisemitism, ancient and modern, from the Lords Spiritual to the “Modern Church”, which represents the “Liberal” wing of the Church of England.

Antisemitism/anti-Zionism is an extremely complex subject, arguably the most complex subject in the humanities.  To understand antisemitism/anti-Zionism in the Church of England and the wider Anglican Communion we need to see how it feeds, and is fed by, antisemitism wherever it prevails, be it science, popular-science narrative, theology, politics, Islam, Roman Catholicism, Lutheranism, mainstream media, social media, popular culture, atheistic-secularism, conspiracy theory, self-hating Jews… or various combinations of all these.

My reasons for writing this essay and exposé are constructive and dutiful, not destructive or spiteful. Click here to view or download the PDF:
I Accuse pdficon_large

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Understanding the Antisemitism Crisis in the British Labour Party

This journalistic essay (5000 words) follows on from my essay on antisemitism in English society Today:

Understanding the Antisemitism Crisis in the British Labour Party pdficon_large

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Antisemitism Today in the Churches, Politics, Sciences, and Universities of England

Antisemitism, which has always existed in English society, has suddenly resurged into the mainstream for the first time in 400 years.

I have decided to put some considerable effort into fighting it, and encourage others to do the same. Once a society’s Jews are under threat, everyone and everything is under threat. There is no society, no nation, anywhere in the world, that has functioned morally, politically, intellectually, economically, ecologically, culturally or spiritually where the antisemites have won, and the Jews have fled or been expulsed.

Here is my first essay (10,000 words) on the general problem of antisemitism in the Churches, Politics, Sciences, and Universities of England. I will build on this essay in the next weeks and months and, if necessary, years, God willing.

Antisemitism the Churches, Politics, Sciences, and Universities of England pdficon_large

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Painting of the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant – 3 June 2012

Thames Pageant - Royal Flotilla Enters the City of London

Following a bit of a creative hiatus I’ve now completed what I think is my best painting since I launched myself in the art business nearly a year ago.
I think my two City-of-London paintings would make a great pair of prints for commercial premises. At a metre across (unframed) they’re probably too large for most homes, although maybe I will get them published in an optional smaller format.

Full details of the painting can be seen on my web site: Thames Pageant Painting

I am becoming more and more interested in our capital city, and it will be the target for further paintings I’m sure.  However I haven’t forgotten my Yorkshire roots and I’m planning to paint the capital of Brittianica Inferior, York or Eboracum, also a fascinating city which at one time competed for power with London, and was even for a time the seat of power of the Roman Empire.

City of London Paintings

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